Meet Siebe

Meet Siebe


Assistant Manager

Partner: Sofie Devick


Siebe Bouten

“Dumb people can’t hurt me, smart people don’t try”

Siebe, what is your position at Halls Gap Lakeside?

Assistant manager: Front desk, gardener, bin man, wood splitter, pool boy, maintenance guy and cleaner

How did you get a job at Halls Gap Lakeside?

Sofie and I were travelling through Australia on a working holiday visa. Because we used to be in the same school back in Belgium, we popped in to catch up with Michael. He informed us that Josephina and Rohan were looking for 2 backpackers for cleaning, gardening, maintenance and all kind of other jobs. So we just rolled into this business pretty easily. Because everybody seemed happy after the three months, we extended our stay with another month… and another month. Then we got the offer to become assistant managers and we didn’t had to think about that for too long.

What was your first impression?

Green and clean

How long have you been working at Halls Gap Lakeside?

Since November 2014

Where were you born?

Ypres Belgium: In Flanders Fields, “where the poppies grow”

What does the Grampians mean to you?

Tranquillity in a stunning environment

Your absolute favourite place in the Grampians?

Boroka Lookout

What makes you smile?


What is your favourite treat?

Gentse Neuzekes = A cuberdon is a cone-shaped Belgian candy. In Dutch it is also known as Gents neuzeke (little nose) for its likeness to a human nose.

What is your favourite quote?

‘Dumb people can`t hurt me, smart people don`t try !’

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


What will you be when you grow up?

Hopefully even smarter

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Honest, friendly, competitive, sportive, funny

How would you describe working at Halls Gap Lakeside?

I don`t know where to start… Let`s call it numerous in all it aspects

How do your colleagues describe you?

That’s a hard one. Hard working,m funny and relaxed. Well cheeky might be the best guess!

What languages do you speak?

My native tongue is Flemish (aka Dutch) Apart from that I`m speaking English and French.  I understand German, but don`t ask me to speak it!

If you were to get some time off, what would you like to do?

Huh, how do you mean time off?  I like being active on the one hand so I do quite a lot of bike riding, rock climbing, going for a hike. But on the other hand I can enjoy chilling out in a bath, playing a game in the couch or cooking diner or sweets.

The old cliché, what is your favourite dinner?

Almost very pasta dish can tempt me.

But if I need to go a bit more extraordinary:  a rabbit or a duckling

Your absolute favourite walk in the Grampians?

Mount Rosea

As a local what is your that secret little thing you don’t really want to tell people about, but you are!

The Beehive Falls during winter are awesome and because they are a 20km away, you are most likely on your own!

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