Do you agree that the most important element to make a camping trip absolutely perfect is the old fashioned CAMPFIRE?

There is in my opinion nothing better than after a day of exploring to sit around the fire, with family or friends, with a cold beer, a cuppa tea or glass of wine, toasting marshmallows, having a yarn or just sit there quietly, taking in the tranquillity of nature, staring at the flames, reflecting on the day?!

Unfortunately many parks do not allow any fires or have restrictions on times of the year they can be lid!
BUT we have some amazing news to share! You just found Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park where we DO ALLOW campfires all year around!! Of course not on days of total fire bans. For a small fee we deliver a fire drum & bag of wood to your site or cabin.
Although the main rule we have here is respect I attach the terms and conditions below.

We are one of only a handful of parks that still allow campfires and we do not want to stop you enjoying this integral part of camping. However, we are living in a National Park surrounded by bush and therefore we ask everybody to be sensible with the use of a firedrum, therefore, we have some rules in place about the use of a firedrum.

Our campfire rules and some explanation:

  • Drums can be hired at $10 for the period of your stay and we will deliver to your site or cabin! When it is time to depart, you just leave your drums where they are and will pick them up & clean out the ashes!
  • Campfires are allowed all year round except on total fire ban days declared by the CFA. We will notify our guests when total fire ban has been declared. At management discretion, some days will be declared as a “no campfire day” due to severe weather warnings.
  • Firewood must be contained within the fire drum. No long/large wood to be hanging out of the drum. Also, the blaze has to be kept at no more than 50cm above the height of the drum.
  • Fires can not be left unattended at any time and fires are to be distinguished before going to bed! Last logs on at 10pm and ALL fires to be out at 11pm. A bucket will be provided and has to be filled with water and placed within 1 meter of the fire drum.
  • Wood is available for delivery to your site at $15 for around 25-30kg of dry red gum. If you wish to bring your own wood, make sure it is dry. Storage of wood on your campsite over 50kg is not permitted. As we strongly discourage firewood collection for several reasons we attach the following link. The Forests Act 1958 and the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 (for Shepparton Regional Park) and associated regulations establish the rules and outline penalties for domestic firewood collection, including fines up to $7380, up to 1-year imprisonment or both. – See more at:
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • No chainsaws are to be used in the park.
  • Fire drums are to be ordered before 5 pm. If you arrive after 5 pm you can scan in the form attached and we can deliver to your site (payment upfront!)
  • Management reserves the right to collect your fire drum at any given time without prior warning if you do not oblige these rules. No refunds will be given.


For safety and cleanliness reasons we have added some additional rules about storing wood on the sites and the use of our fire drums.

  • We don’t allow the storing or unloading of more than 50 kg of wood on your site (about a nights worth of wood). Bringing more than 50 kg of wood is allowed but please leave that stored in your car/ute/trailer.
  • Don’t bring or burn treated wood or wood containing nails, we don’t want you to poison your neighbours
  • Your fire drum is NOT a bin, please throw your rubbish in the bin and not in the fire drums.
  • There is no splitting or chopping of wood in the park. If you bring your own wood make sure it’s all ready cut to be used.
  • With the previous rule comes the next, because of smaller accidents happening in the past we don’t allow axes, wood splitters, saws or tomahawks in the park
  • If you use your own firedrum please don’t use our rubbish bins (that is actually highly dangerous) or the next available tree as your dump point for your ashes. The removal of ashes is your own responsibility, talk to one of the staff if you have any questions about this.