Why Lakeside

Do you remember the days that you had to walk with your toilet roll under your arm, past all the campers…Most embarrassing, well so I thought! I was only little and my parents used to take me camping to a little town Renesse, a beach town in the province of Zeeland, Holland. My brother and I used to walk through the sand dunes at 5 am, to find thousands of rabbits. I have fond memories of  those camping days. What does this have to do with the main features of Halls Gap Lakeside you may think!?


Get mesmerised by the behaviour of the kangaroos and cockatoos. (a little more exciting than the rabbits I suppose! ) As the park is adjacent to a big valley who the kangaroos call their home, you can spend hours watching those animals. The place is ideal for bird lovers with Australias biggest bird the emu visiting the park on a regular basis. If you are lucky you get to see deer and the occasional echidna!


With sites having an average size of around 9 by 10 meters you will experience peacefulness even though you are amongst other campers! With Rohan having managed a golf course for 15 years and a turf management background he will do everything in his capability to grow the grass. You will find him often hand watering in the early mornings!


After all, the best information of the area is the one you can get from locals. We will approach you with a smile and try to assist where ever possible! And of course, we supply the toilet paper!


You might just have seen them before, but if not I describe them here. A building with 6 doors, 3 on each side. Behind each door, you find a toilet, sink and shower! So for the time that you spend behind that door the bathroom is all yours!  The bathrooms are available to all our guests at no extra charge


A sensitive topic and for us a topic discussed many many times. What should we do? As we are the very happy owners of two gorgeous Border Collies it was only too natural to allow dogs at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park when we first bought it in 2012.  There was hardly any question about it. We did understand that it might bring some complications when the park was busy, so we decided to trial it over the winter months. Two consecutive winter periods we gave it a go, it was quiet and we thought it would be a great way to increase visitation but also give dog owners the opportunity to visit our park. But unfortunately after lots of discussions, listening to feedback and experiences we decided to NOT allow dogs at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.


Rohan has tried to reuse some original items we found when we purchased the park early 2012 and after locating an old donkey engine which used to heat the water for the showers in the bottom amenities block he came up with the idea of a wood fire heated pool…seriously! Now heated at a pleasant 28-30 degrees during the summer months and a whopping 33-38 degrees during the winter.


Camping without a campfire is just not the same. It is harder and harder to find places to camp where they still allow campfires. Well you are lucky! Here at Halls Gap lakeside we deliver the fire drum and wood to your site or cabin for a minimal fee! All year around, except from Total Fire Ban days! Marshmallows anyone?


In the last 4 years we have replaced old cabins with brand-new ones. The cabins have a simple design, with a modern feel keeping functionality in mind. There is nothing more important then a good sleep, therefor we have invested in high standard Sealy matresses. No matter what your budget, specific needs or configuration, we are here to assist finding your most suitable cabin. Cabins sleep between 1 and 14 guests!


Always keeping the natural beauty of this stunning piece of earth in mind we installed 6 spring free trampolines. With no spring, and safety netting around the trampolines, which blends in just so nicely, these trampolines have been rated the safest trampoline in the world.


We light an open fire for you each night, in the cosy camp lounge with leather couches. Happy hour! Although we do not host private functions, the camp lounge, with seating for 60, has proven to be a very popular gathering spot for family reunions, caravan clubs and any other group gatherings.


Although it is nice to have the ability to go online to keep in touch with family overseas, check some emails or even download a book, we believe you find a better connection by sitting around a campfire! Solution…the WIFI HUB! A gorgeous outdoor terrace, adjacent to the pool. Grab a delicious latte, a beer or a glass of wine and get online! We will share the password upon arrival!