wifi hub overlooking the pool area


Yes, it is deliberate. We have introduced a WIFI hub to keep wifi out of the park. Strange you say? Well, it's not so strange, as most of you have your own wifi with your phone contracts or your dongles. For those who don’t, we offer unlimited access at any time of the day to keep in touch with loved ones, share your Instagram posts, check Facebook or send an urgent email.  On many occasions we have been praised for only making wifi available in our hotspot because teenagers only have access while they're in the hub so when they sit around the campfire with you, they are actually with you, physically and mentally. It's much eaiser to connect after you've disconnected.



Eight Springfree trampolines are located at the playground for both kids AND adults. Safety is really important here at Halls Gap Lakeside and thus we only buy the best of the best. This NZ designed trampoline has been recently voted the safest in the world.

Even crawlers love the trampolines. TIP: bring a balloon, it will keep bouncing and coming back to them as they move around!

There are some rules and we would really appreciate it if you could discuss these with your children.

  • No more than 2 children at a time (max 100kg and for the small ones 80kg)
  • No shoes
  • No jumping after dusk (to minimise impact on others)

If you want some more information on these trampolines, please visit the manufacturer's website here.

Campfire Boys


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…It is one of those common sayings, and you can picture a 2 year old having a tantrum, but in all seriousness, I scream CAMPFIRE! Camping without a campfire? NO way! It is one element that makes camping special. Here at lakeside you can hire a fire drum for $10 for the period of your stay. We deliver it to your location and when you depart, we collect and dispose of the ashes! It's as easy as that.

Have a look over here for some rules and regulations. I know, it's not an exciting read, but necessary I promise!


Heated Pool In The Morning


Yes, you are reading this right! It's very unique and extremely popular, especially in winter when its cold outside, but the pool is a steaming 34 degrees! The pool is 1.8 metres at its deepest point, so for the non-swimmers we recommend some floaties. Also, goggles are recommended because we have chlorinated the pool according to Australian standards. There are some exciting developments in the pipeline for the hot summer days, but we will keep you posted on that in the near future! The pool is 11 metres long and 3.8 metres wide, surrounded by lush grass and merbau decking, so Mum and Dad can soak up some Vitamin D whilst watching the kids. Make sure to bring your beach towels!

Bathrooms (web)


Mid September 2018 we launched our newly renovated amenities. While the exterior is still the same, the bathrooms inside have been fully renovated in similar style to that of a 5 star hotel. For the little men, we have positioned one of the urinals lower, so Dad and son can comfortably make a visit to the toilet at the same time. The gents have 4 showers, 3 toilets and 3 urinals, the ladies have 4 showers and 6 toilets. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Specialized Facilities

Specialised Facilities

Baby Bathroom

This separate bathroom includes a bath and baby sink, ideal for those families who love to give their little ones a warm bath before bed and story time! This facility is soon to be renovated. Just ask us for the code on arrival so you can access this bathroom during your stay.

Disabled Bathroom

This bathroom is also soon to be renovated. It has a shower, toilet and basin. If you need access, just ask at reception for the code.

Massage Table

Massages will be unavailable from 19/09/2019 until further notice.


When you book a stay with us, you receive an email three days prior to arrival that includes a link enabling you to book a relaxation massage. Be quick, spots are limited !


kangaroo sitting at our playground


Of course we have a playground, in fact it's right in the middle of the park. Cabins 82 to 87 look over the playground area, which is great for those with young children, but we recommend to avoid these cabins if you prefer to get some rest! The playground has two swings, a tiny rock climbing wall and a slide, and don’t forget our  spring free trampolines.

private amenites block


Not keen on sharing? No problem! We try to cater for everyone. In the amenities block at the top of the park we offer private bathrooms. Behind each of the six doors you'll find a bathroom with a toilet, shower and basin and whilst the door is locked, the bathroom is all yours. It is just like an ensuite, the only difference is that you don’t pay more and you can't leave your toothbrush!


Camp Kitchen

Located in the brick amenities block in the middle of the park, the camp kitchen is ideal to quickly heat some lasagne or cook a meal from scratch. The kitchen includes dishwashing facilities, a microwave, kettle, toaster, stove, oven, fridge and freezer. We recommend that you mark your refrigerated items with your name and departure date, just in case. Please bring your own pots, pans, cutlery and plates, like a real camper. The camp kitchen will be receiving a facelift in winter 2019.





Bike Hire

We hire out 2 female and 2 male bikes. You can hire a bike for half a day ($25) or a full day ($40).

Laundry Logo


Currently there are two laundry facilities, one in the same building as the private bathrooms, the other in the brick building in the middle of the park. Please note: Only washing machines, no dryers, are provided near the private bathrooms and they take 4 x $1.00 coins. The washing machines in the brick building take 2 x $2 coins and the dryers cost $4 and its takes $1 or $2 coins. If you need change, just come and see us at reception. Our opening hours are 8.30am until 6.00pm. We also sell washing powder at $0.50 a sachet.

Washing lines are hiden behind merbau screens at both amenties blocks. Pegs can be borrowed at reception.

Shop at reception Halls Gap lakeside Tourist Park


Several different gift ideas are available from the shop at reception.

IMG 20170112 091325


An important part of camping is happy hour, right? The camp lounge is the perfect spot! Fitted with a bar and barstools, fridge, seating and a cosy campfire, all you need to bring is your drinks and a cheese platter! Kids love using this space for board games and colouring in. Free to air TV is also screened, but no Foxtel. The Halls Gap Hotel can help you there.

Just some housekeeping:

People often ask if they can use the camp lounge for private functions. After all Halls Gap Lakeside is an ideal spot to gather for family birthdays and reunions due to the high variety of accommodation options. We strongly advise that if you use the camp kitchen and lounge for larger gatherings, you start nice and early. We have a strict no noise policy from 11pm, so we ask that you wrap up your gathering prior to this time. Please keep in mind that the camp lounge and kitchen should be accessible to all guests at all times, so no hogging. That's fair for everyone in a family oriented park.

Very exciting news…after renovating the amenities in winter 2018, the camp kitchen and lounge are due for an upgrade in winter 2019! We will keep you posted.



In the camp lounge we have a public fireplace. There is nothing nicer than the heat of a fire, especially in the colder months. Recently the fire was given a further function, as Rohan was clever enough to make use of the heat by ducting the heating to the amenities to take away some of the bitter the chill. He's more than just a pretty face!

Resident artist Vronx


Our art gallery is certainly a hidden feature, with artist Veronica McDonald (Mum of owner Rohan McDonald) residing in Winchelsea, but having some of her work on display right here at Lakeside! If you are keen to have a look and the gallery appears to be closed, please see the friendly staff at reception to collect the key. Veronica will love that you made the effort to visit.

BBQ Logo


We know that Aussies love their BBQs. Not only do we offer two electric BBQs at no charge in the camp lounge each cabin and glamping tent has its own Weber BBQ on the deck.



As we like to invest in things we like ourselves, a proper espresso machine was installed at reception. All of our front office staff have undergone proper barista training and will serve you a latte, capucchino, flat white, long black, short black, hot chocolate or chai. We have 3 sizes and offer full cream, REV or BonSoy milk. If you use other milk due to dietary requirements please bring it up with you and we will serve your coffee with the milk replacement fit for your diet.

ice cream bike

Ice Cream Cart

Weather permitting, our ice-cream cart operates every weekend and school holidays between September and April. We offer four different flavours every night.

Bread (1)

Bread and Paper

Your daily newspaper and a loaf of bread can be ordered at reception. Please try and get your orders in by 5pm so we can make sure we are in time to order at the bakery!

Orders can be collected at reception from 8.30am onwards.