You might have heard whispers, or seen that Grampians Treasure Hunts was “coming soon” on our website. Finally, after years of thinking about it, WE ARE LIVE!

And super excited!

To reach your goals you have to take one step at a time and never ever give up!  That is exactly what I have been reminding myself.

I have always felt there was lack of information readily available regarding the wide variety of products on offer in this stunning part of the world. We have a real passion for the Grampians and enjoy guiding our guests around this wonderful yet remote region.

Having a Dutch background, where businesses are always on the look out for the next thing due to the higher level of competition, we started our own hunt for a unique and efficient way of sharing itineraries that would enable our guests to explore the region, tailored to their needs.

And then we came across an Iceland based business who specialises in the development of location based apps. I knew what we were looking for and they offered exactly this. They just seemed to understand and gave us confidence and trust. Although the business has its origins in Iceland, their office in Amsterdam was a real bonus. Nothing wrong with combining some business with leisure.

Now what is this all about?

You an your family will be guided to some beautiful Grampians highlights by using the GTH app. Using a GPS based map you will receive audio and text prompts along the way revealing locations and challenges. By fulfilling those challenges you will receive a letter, which will make a word. Upon completion this word will be your secret code to collect a lucky dip at the reception of Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.

Lovely Bec, who you might know from front office and her massage business “Grampians healing hands” was so kind to trial the “let kids be kids” treasure hunt. She and her gorgeous kids had a ball!

“ What a fabulous adventure we had!!! We were the first to trial Grampians treasure hunts and we loved it! Thanks Josephina for creating such a wonderful day out for us!! We would definitely be back!!

The “let kids be kids ”treasure hunt is now LIVE to the public, well at least for those who are staying with us! This treasure hunt is ideal for young families 4 and up. It will be handy to download the app whilst still at home. Than all you need to do is ask for the unique password on the day you want to do the treasure hunt.

For more information follow us on Instagram and facebook and pop over to Grampians Treasure Hunts

Enjoying the let kids be kids treasure hunt

Download the App below:

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