In-house Massages

It really doesn’t get much better!

We recently introduced a new service to our guests! In house massage!

And of course you have to experience those things for yourself, before you can recommend it to anybody else. Lucky me, Heather invited me!

I couldn’t have asked for more! The early morning sounds of the bird life added a whole extra dimension. Heather had turned the heater on, since mornings in the Grampians can be cool and it was a perfect temperature…after chatting for a while I felt myself slipping away in a state of pure delight! Her hands seem to flow to the body parts which most need it and in my case it was my shoulder and neck. The office can get rather stressful especially after a busy school holiday, some tension had built! Coming back to the real world I was ready for the day ahead, feeling so energised, relieved and relaxed all at the same time.

Although Heather offers a diverse range of massage techniques, from Swedish, to remedial to relaxation, I just call it clear MAGIC!

Heather offers her massages at a discounted rate exclusive to our in house guests. Since Rohan and I subsidise all the overheads, she is able to offer a 1 hour massage for only $50 and $30 for 30 minutes. *

You just can’t say NO!

We highly recommend to prebook! Call Heather on 0448 803 626


* People who do not stay at the park are more than welcome to book in, but rates of $80 per hour and $40 for 30 minutes will apply.

Alternatively you can book in for an off site massage with Bec from Grampians Healing Hands! Bec works at reception on Monday and Friday if you wish to speak to her.

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