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Will our pools be open during COVID. (UPDATE 11 DECEMBER 2020)

  • With the restrictions in place we are not able to run our pools as usual. We are only allowed to have 16 people at the same time.
  • All guests are required to complete the pre check-in on their bookings and all family members have to be registered.
  • No visitors are allowed to use the pool 

We have created a booking system to have a swim

We have created a booking system with half-hour slots. Every guest can book in ONE slot per stay with up to 16 people max. Guests that have only booked with less people can expect other guests to join them up to 16 people.

How to book a spot to have a swim?
If you would love to have a swim you can book in a slot following the link below, please make note of how many people you will be swimming with (max 16 people). If you missed out on securing a slot we will allow people to join in with an already booked in group as long as we are not exceeding 16 people in the pool at any given time, you will need to see us at reception to see availability and book that in separate.

Rules and regulations

  • You can book in for a half an hour slot with up to 16 people
  • Only ONE booking is allowed PER STAY for the same family * using the online booking option
    Double bookings will result in loss of all bookings.
    Additional sessions can be booked if available on the day itself.
  • Please let us know how many people will be swimming by writing the amount of people in the booking notes
  • If you miss the start time of your session you forfeit the right of having that slot.
  • Other guests will be allowed to join you up to 16 people maximum at any given time
  • This is not a private session in the pool
  • sessions start on the hour or half an hour and you are requested to leave the pool 2 minutes before the end of your session
  • Bookings are essential, no swimming is allowed without a booking
  • Bookings can only be made for guests that have completed their pre check-in for all paying guests on their booking. Visitors to the park ARE NOT allowed to use the pool facilities.

NOTE: bookings only open up 3 days leading up to the day of swimming

eg. if you want to book a Friday session you can book these on Tuesday