Wanderlust Glamping

Interview with Lisa from Wanderlust Glamping

Lisa tell us all about Wanderlust Glamping!

Wanderlust Glamping is a mobile service in the Grampians region just show up to your chosen camp site relax and enjoy your holiday! We offer a full set up and pack down service plus free delivery to Halls Gap Lakeside.We have basic to deluxe packages available in our 4m Bell Tents and Clementine vintage caravan

When and how did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the Idea of providing a Glamping service as my children always wanted to go camping and I am not a camper I like the comforts of home when I holiday so I decided to provide a service for like minded people that love the outdoors but with a little bit of luxury

Where did Clementine come from and how old is she?

Clementine is a 1968 Viscount she has had 2 previous owners before me with the original owner keeping her in immaculate condition for 45 years

How long did it take to restore her?

It took 3 months to transform Clementine she had a custom built  double bed made,reverse cycle air-conditioner installed,painted inside and out,Windows replaces,new flooring,new bench cushions and new curtains

If you had any hints or tips for people who are thinking about or are restoring a vintage van what would it be?

My number 1 tip for restoring your own vintage caravan is to check every seal and make sure it is water tight

When did you start Wanderlust Glamping?

I started the restoration on Clementine in October and was ready for business late January this year

What did you do in your previous live?

My previous work has been in retail and disability and my husband and I are partners in our family farm

How did you get inspired?

I was inspired by my love for vintage caravans and while researching for information about Glamping in caravans I was introduced to the beautiful Bell Tents

How have people responded?

I receive lots of positive feedback from customers that they love the comfort of Glamping and the personal little touches I add to the experience

What is your favorite walk in the Grampians?

My personal favorite walk to do in the Grampians is MacKenzie Falls and I love to explore all the wineries

What’s next

Next for wanderlust Glamping is to expand my business I have another caravan I am renovating at the moment and I am constantly adding to our list of hire items which is perfect for those that only camp a few times a year and don’t want the added expense of buying camping equipment. Some of our latest items include a modern solar powered tent that will charge your phone/ tablet, beds, sleeping bags, headlamps to capture that perfect sunset/sunrise, camp fire cook wear

If people like to book a bell tent or Clementine to stay with us at lakeside what do they need to do?

If people would like to make a booking to Glamp at Lakeside in clementine or a Bell tent they can message me through our Facebook page or go to our website www.wanderlustglamping.com.au or phone 0400 899 964

Your life/Travel quote

My favorite travel quote is
“Wanderlust a strong desire to wander and explore the world”
It suits me as I am equally happy Glamping at Lakeside or being on a plane ready for an adventure .I just want to holiday and see everything!