Yes, an electric blanket is supplied on all main beds. For safety reasons, please ensure you turn the electric blanket off before going to sleep. Hot water bottles are for sale at reception (while stocks lasts).
What happens to items LEFT BEHIND?

We collect belongings that are left behind and keep them for 4 weeks. If they appear to have emotional value we will contact you. If you wish to have your items posted, we charge a $20 handling fee in addition to the cost of postage.

I have a MAINTENANCE issue during my stay, what should I do?

We really appreciate the opportunity to resolve issues as soon as possible, so that it doesn’t impact on your stay. Please notify reception at your earliest convenience, so our maintenance crew can address it. If after hours and the matter requires urgent attention, please call us on 5356 4281 or press the after hours buzzer at the front door of reception.

Do you service rooms?

Sorry, but we do not offer room service. You are welcome to see us at reception anytime between 8.30am and 6.00pm for anything we might be able to help you with. If you stay for 7 days or longer we are more than happy to remake your bed with fresh linen. If you would like to take up the offer please inform reception which day is most convenient.

Fire drums/camp fires

Can we hire a firedrum?

To hire a fire drum you need to sign a form at reception.

We charge $10 per drum for the duration of you stay and $15 for a bag of wood, we will deliver to your front door. Please note, do not put your fire drum on the deck if you are staying in one of our units.

Kindling is for sale at reception while stocks lasts, but don’t worry, we always have firelighters!

Please note, we are unable to sell flammables to guests under 18.

Can I collect my own wood?

It is illegal to collect wood from the National Park. The wood that we provide is dry and good quality fire wood. This will prevent excessive smoke and will burn longer than green wood collected form the bush. Kindling can be collected form some areas that are not classed as National Park. Ask reception for directions if you are unsure. Please do not use axes, splitters or chainsaws on our property.


Can I feed the kangaroos?

The behaviour of a half-tame kangaroo is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Please assist us in keeping the kangaroos wild by not feeding them.

Do you have WI-FI in the park?

We know life without Wi-Fi in modern society is challenging, so we have provided a Wi-Fi hub, fitted with power points, bar stools and a comfortable lounge. We highly recommend you try to disconnect and enjoy your time away. The password is on your park map on the top right corner.

Wi-Fi only works around our Wi-Fi hub, there is no Wi-Fi on the camp sites or in our cabins.

What are the OPENING HOURS of Reception?

Reception is open daily from 8.30am until 6.00pm, except on Christmas Day when we open from 9.00am until 11.00am.


I’m being disturbed by NOISE in the park, what should I do?

Our biggest motto in our park is RESPECT, so we wish we did not have to answer this question, but not everyone understands the importance of respect. If you have an issue with noisy guests and/or disturbing behaviour, please make reception aware immediately.


Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times. 10.00pm is quiet time and 11.00pm is no noise. There is always someone on duty, so if reception is closed please press the buzzer at the front door or call us on 5356 4281.

Can I play MUSIC?

Music is very personal, so please keep your music within the perimeters of your site or cabin. For some guests, that may mean no music at all.

All music and radios will need to be turned off after 10pm which is our quiet time. There is also a no noise policy after 11pm to ensure all of our guests have a proper nights rest!

Is there someone on NIGHT DUTY?

There is always someone on duty. Our night duty manager patrols the park at 11.00pm to ensure fires are out and guests are respecting our rules. If you have an issue and you need assistance form our night duty manager, please call 5356 4281 and follow the prompts.

We have another vehicle arriving later, can we give them our boom gate code?

Each vehicle has its own unique boom gate code. Most cabins only have parking for one vehicle, so please check with reception!

How many vehicles can we bring?

We allow one car on a site and if you can fit an extra without encroaching on your neighbours space that’s fine.

Carpark space for cabins is limited to 1 car with most cabins, check with our staff at reception to find out if you can fit another car next to your cabin or will have to park the car outside.

Can I drink the TAPWATER at your park?

Yes, the water is perfectly safe to drink. We do sell bottled water at the shop if you prefer.

What discount cards do you accept?

We are members of the Top Parks group so people with a Top Parks membership card get a 10% discount with a maximum of $40/stay.

People holding a seniors card get the same discount!

Are there any rules about using the TRAMPOLINES?

Please make your children aware of the “no shoes” rule on the trampolines. There is also a limit of 2 at a time and make sure they can take turns. Last but not least, trampolines are closed at dark.

Yes adults are allowed on our trampolines! Only one at a time please!

Is there a TAXI service in Halls Gap?

Unfortunately there is no taxi service or shuttle bus service in Halls Gap.

Where can I buy GROCERIES?

There is a small supermarket in Halls Gap. If you need to buy a lot of groceries, it’s worth driving to Woolworth’s or IGA at Stawell, which is a 25 minutes drive from the park. We do sell some essentials at reception.

Do you have LAUNDRY facilities?

There are two laundry areas in our park (please refer to our park map)

The laundry facilities located next to the camp lounge has washing machines and dryers

  • These washing machines take 2 x $2 coins
  • The dryers take 3 x $1 coins (just to make it confusing!)

The laundry facilities located in front of the individual bathrooms has washing machines only!

  • These washing machines take 4 x $1 coins

Change and detergent (50 cents per single load) are available at reception.

There are 2 clotheslines located in the park as wel, please refer to our park map.

Is SMOKING allowed?

Although we would prefer to be a non-smoking park, we do understand we all have our needs. Please do not smoke indoors and respect other guests. A $100 penalty applies for smoking indoors.

What do you expect me to do prior to DEPARTURE

It all comes back to respect.

If you are camping make sure all rubbish is disposed.

Staying in one of our units?
We appreciate it if you could dispose of your rubbish, give the floor a quick sweep and make sure all dishes are clean and packed away. Please double check cupboards and drawers for your belongings before departure.
We reserve the right to charge a fee according to our terms and conditions if you accommodation is left in a state of disarray.

Is it true you get a FREE COFFEE when purchasing a melamine cup?

We sell an extensive range of colourful RICE melamine cups, imported all the way from Denmark. For each cup purchased you receive a FREE barista made coffee!

WARNING: They are addictive!

What do you sell in the SHOP?

We not only sell essentials such as milk, eggs and butter, we also have a range of gifts in our shop, including some local wines, hand cream, body lotion, soap, balsamic blends, dukkah, jams, gorgeous melamine cups and jewellery. Bread and newspapers can be ordered daily!

Do you sell GIFT VOUCHERS?

Yes! If you have a birthday, anniversary or celebration coming up, consider spoiling someone with a gift voucher for a stay at Halls Gap lakeside. They are available at reception for any amount or online in our shop.

Where can we find something to eat?

Here are some of our local restaurants:

For specific recommendations please come and see us at reception! Tripadvisor is great tool!

What to do if I have a MEDICAL ISSUE at your park?

If it’s an emergency, phone 000

There is a medical centre in Stawell, which is a 25 min drive:
Patric Street Medical Clinic
8-22 Patrick Street, Stawell
Ph: 5358 7555.

Nurse on call can provide 24 hour medical advice, phone 1300 60 60 24


I want to have a SWIM but the cover is on the pool?

The pool is open between 10.00am and DUSK.

During these hours, come and see us at reception and we will arrange to take the cover off for you. Please don’t try to remove the cover yourself!

How deep is the POOL?

The deep end is 1.82 metres and shallow end 1.05 metres.


Can I feed the kangaroos?

The behaviour of a half-tame kangaroo is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Please assist us in keeping the kangaroos wild by not feeding them.